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Turning In for Some - Welcome to the Endless Night Tavern

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June 17th, 2004

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10:55 am - Turning In for Some
Laelith watched as the tavern began to empty, glad to see her rooms filling up for the eve. She paused a moment, wondering where that dark fellow had run off to, before returning her attention to the tasks as hand.

Her sapphire hues closed for a moment, and her wand made little tally marks and sketching motions as if she used it as a pen. When she opened her eyes, she looked content. Both the couple and the elf would have an attendent at their beck and call.

She then looked back to the fae man, wondering if he would indeed approach her.

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Date:June 17th, 2004 07:32 pm (UTC)

Fortress of Solitude?

The elf closed the door to his room, leaned against it and loosed a heavy sigh. He took a few steps before he realized he was not alone - the attendant that Laelith had prepared for him stood by the bath. Cleriden's eyes narrowed for a moment, then his shoulders stooped for a moment, in exasperation. He'd hoped to have been alone, but really there is a silver lining in every situation. Cler stood tall and walked to the attendant.

"I have tasks for you," he said as he handed the backpack to the attendant. "Inside are dirty clothes - these require washing. Also there are bandages that have been reused - they are to be tossed away. I shall require new ones, as well as supplies for the first aid kit." Cler sat at the side of the tub, achingly reaching down to remove his boots. The attendant was more than willing to assist, as she slipped the knee-highs off with more ease than the short elf could muster. Toes wiggled, and his eyes closed for a brief moment. "I would also like any directions to a bowyer's, as my bow has been claimed by one of my enemies." He finally sat up, fished in a pouch, and put a shiny piece of red metal in the girl's hand, and closed it firmly. " If there is any way to acquire smoked meats, fruits and flatbread, I would like my rations refilled as well." Greens settled upon the girl's eyes. "Go now, and do not disturb me for two 'marks."

The girl left, and the elf finally shed his clothes as deliberately as he would have removed those boots. Recent scars marred his smooth flesh from all angles, though he was still an impressively beautiful creature in the nude. He stood at the edge of the tub, eyes looking to the collection of fragrances...finally settling upon a good standby - vanilla. A little into the water, and some onto his aching shoulders, and finally into the bath he sank. In over his head for a length of time, then he rested his neck on the rim of the tub, soaking, blissfully soaking. One would question, both from his height and the way he carried himself, that he was only a hundred and twenty-five years old.

Would he have the intimacy of a woman tonight? It would have been a while... but no. He had been travelling for too long to even begin contemplating it. No, he will only collect his things, and pay the girl in the time allotted. Until then... relief.

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