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OOC: Well, I'll get a post up here soon you guys, but I just started… - Welcome to the Endless Night Tavern

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June 24th, 2004

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10:53 am

Well, I'll get a post up here soon you guys, but I just started the new job (yay for finally getting the money needed to move!), and I've been just a *smidge* busy. So, in the mean time, enjoy our first player log!



BZArcher: The water runs down his chest and wings, slipping into the lines
of muscle and flesh. Shivering a bit from her kiss, he feels the smooth
warmth of her skin, warm and a bit slicker than normal, like the sea
creature that she is.
Leaning forward, he gently picks her up and draws her forward, leaning
her against his chest, and he holds her close against him for a bit.
"We've not been able to do this for so long..."She watches the water slip
over him, shimmering on his grey skin and it nearly takes her breath
away. As He picks her up, she wraps her legs around his torso, her arms
around his neck. She lays her head on his chest and strokes his hair.
"Yes, Cirrac, I know." There is a soft, breathless longing to her voice.
SkarlettSynne668: Okay.
BZArcher: He sighs as he strokes her shoulder lightly, her body nestled to
him. "I love you..." Closing his eyes, he spends some time just being
SkarlettSynne668: Krystaviel strokes his chest and kisses his throat. "I
love you too." She replies softly, her body warm and light against his...
BZArcher: The kiss makes him shiver, and he looks down at her with longing
eyes... "I know I gave my word...but you are incredibly tempting..." He
gives his own kiss to the curve of her shoulder, his hand at the small of
her back.
SkarlettSynne668: She looks up at him. "Gave your word?" Krystaviel asks
softly. She feels the kiss to her shoulder and strokes his hair softly...
BZArcher: "I swore that I would marry you a maid, beautiful one..." His
blush runs down hs chest against her as she strokes his hair, and he feels
the slight webbing of her fingers...
SkarlettSynne668: She shivers and feels him tease the webbing in her
fingers...."Why did you make such a vow?" She asked softly, her hand
stroking his arm...
BZArcher: He smiles gently. "It's the custom for my people...I suppose I
wanted to follow the custom to hope they'd accept us..."
SkarlettSynne668: She nods gently at that. "Fair enough Cirrac. Mine keep
a long betrothal. Only when a maid is with child is she fit to wed."
BZArcher: He blinks, a bit surprised. "I suppose that makes sure the
marraige would be blessed with children..." He then looks a bit concerned.
"If...if we could not have children, what would your people do?"
SkarlettSynne668: She sighs and shrugs, running a hand through her hair,
feeling his surprise at the custom. "It does." She looks up at him.
"They'd insist we part and I be placed with another mate."
BZArcher: He frowns. "I'm not sure I like that idea terribly much..." He
strokes her face lightly, and then kisses her. "Would they accept a
marraige by their customs after a marraige by another?"
SkarlettSynne668: She gives a shrug and reaches up to trace her fingers
over his cheek and returns the kiss softly. "I do not see how they could
gainsay it, especially if we came back and I'd already given birth."
BZArcher: He nods, and after the tender kiss, folds his wings lightly
around her. "Then...if we feel comfort here...perhaps we could ask the
Goddess' favor at the temple, and be wed, soon."
SkarlettSynne668: She nods gently as his wings surround her, shielding her
body from view. "That is workable Cirrac." She kisses his chin...
BZArcher: He smiles at her kiss, and runs his face gently against hers.
"We should probably eat our meal soon..."
SkarlettSynne668: She nods and sighs. "Indeed. We do not wish it to spoil
or grow cold."
SkarlettSynne668: Her face slides over his as well.
BZArcher: He kisses her again, and his wings slide away, though his hands
do not let her go yet. "No, we do not..."
SkarlettSynne668: She feels his wings slide from her body as she kisses
him deeply again. She still feels his hands on her body and she shivers
sensuously. "Shall we dry off then and dress" She asks.
BZArcher: Her body against his makes him regret his vow again, but he
smiles, knowing the wait will be worth it. Returning her kiss
passionately, he slowly slips his hands away. "So we shall..."
SkarlettSynne668: She returns the kiss heatedly, knowing it will be magic
between them...their wedding night. She slowly slides down his body and
steps from the tub...
BZArcher: With a soft groan, he arches up after she leaves, and stands.
Water still pouring off him, he lets it drain back into the tub as much as
he can before stepping out and taking a towel, starting by drying her off,
just as she helped him to bathe.
SkarlettSynne668: She smiles and lets him dry her off, just as she turns
and helps to dry him off. Once dry, she slips on a night fress and robe...
BZArcher: With the memory of touch in his mind, he smiles as he goes to
dress. Finding a fresh kilt, he murmurs thanks to the girls who attended
them earlier, and walks to the kitchen where the food is ready for them,
preparing Krystaviel's plate.
SkarlettSynne668: She is wrapped in a kimono of forest green silk over a
white, cotton, ruffled night fress. She comes up behind him and hugs his
BZArcher: Surprised by her hands slipping around him, he smiles and puts
his hands over hers. Squeezing them gently, he doesn't turn, but his tail
does slip around her waist as well.
SkarlettSynne668: She feels his hand curve over her small ones
protectively as his tail curls around her slender waist. She is so tiny
compared to him....delicate...
BZArcher: He has never really noticed the size, once he got over his fear
and came out of the woods to speak to her. Something about her presence
makes her seem as equal to him as a woman of his own race, and the
differences simply make her exotic and entrancing. Plus her enchanting
voice and personality which carry her beyond mere flesh.
SkarlettSynne668: But still it does raise questions of the wedding night
at times. She leans into him. She had never feared him as she found him
gentler than any man of her reace, her hair brushes over his skin
BZArcher: Feeling her lean into him, he presses back just enough so that
she can feel his firm back muscles and contact...responding to her
touch... Though she can't see them, his eyes are warm and a bit distant,
enjoying her closeness...the wedding night will take care of itself, that
he does not doubt... "We could simply leave the food...and curl up in a
bed..." He blinks, his mind distracted. "I'm not sure I've ever slept on a
bed that wasn't made of straw or rough thatch..."
SkarlettSynne668: She nods at him. "I am sure they will tend to the food
later." She murmurs. She feels his muscles flex under her skin and she
shivers ...her eyes closed and she smiles. She snuggles closer. "Or I bed
of down and seaweed..." She murmurs....
BZArcher: His voice soft, he nods back. "Then let us go and experience
this bed..." Carefully walking towards the steps, he tries not to lose
their close contact.
SkarlettSynne668: She crawls lightly on his back and lets him carry her to
bed. Stroking his hair...
BZArcher: Enjoying the piggy-back ride, his wings fold up to carry her
better. Taking her to bed, he leans his head back into her touch, drawing
the sheets back, and turning to gently let her into the bed.
SkarlettSynne668: She slips from the embrace of the wings into the silk
sheeted bed. She stretches a bit on it...sighing at its softness. "It is
odd, but I could get to like it."
BZArcher: "Mmm..." He enjoys watching her stretch out, and joins her. "It
is different...." The bed folds around him a bit, and he adjusts to try
and get comfortable. Finally settled, he draws her back against him. "So
we could..."
SkarlettSynne668: She leans against the shelter of his body, after he gets
adjusted. "But different is not bad." She murmurs. She strokes his
BZArcher: He kisses her softly, his hand settling over hers, the claws
gently stroking the warm skin. "No, different is not bad at all."

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Date:June 25th, 2004 04:32 pm (UTC)


Awww, that is so adorable. =)
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Date:June 25th, 2004 05:40 pm (UTC)


Congrats on the job, 'Nelle!
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Date:June 26th, 2004 11:13 am (UTC)

Re: Huzzah!

Hehehehe, thanks! Now it's just a matter of not killing myself while there for the next month so i can get the money to get the fuck outta here!


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