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A Leisurely Awakening - Welcome to the Endless Night Tavern

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July 6th, 2004

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03:30 pm - A Leisurely Awakening

Sorry Guys! Been busy busy busy! But today's my day off! Woohoo! Game on!

Carl, get ahold of me so we can finish the Meir/Bianca stuff! Even if we have to do it by phone, I can record it, and then post the end of it!



After a pleasant early morning sleep, the mannor begins to bustle. Food smells begin to waft through the hallways, servants and residents begin moving throught the under tunnels, and there is simply a intoxicating thrum of vitality that can be sensed from the very walls of this strange, strange place.

Laelith came down to the tavern's main room, a door appearing at her touch that hadn't been there earlier, the door, no doubt, leading to the vast city housed within and below this hilltop abode. Upon entering, she called awake the torches and light-globes that illuminated the forever dark room, the room that had indeed earned the tavern it's name. She was clothed in a gold-emboriderd shift of cerulean linnen, a rich gift of fabric brought to her by the Mistress at one point in time or another, and one of her favorite day-bound garments. Her dusty red hair was loose, and sapphire eyes lined with khol, a simple vanity she humored herself with. She called in a myriad of juices and the breakfast meal from the vast kitchens, pulling out pieces of fruits, breads, and pastry. Settling herself at one of the marble tables, she began to pick at her meal, wondering what the day would bring for her.

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Date:July 6th, 2004 06:10 pm (UTC)
The elf roused himself from the bed that he completely sank into, sitting up with a case of bedhead.

After a few long-lasting minutes of rolling about, he finally slipped from the bed and began a series of short exercises to get the circulation going. After a brief overlooking of his pack, he knelt before a shuttered window, light peeking through, lowered his head, and whispered prayers of the elves and of adventurers and of combat.


After Cleriden got dressed, he set his pack to the shoulder and wandered back towards (but not into, just yet) the main room of the inn. Hair was slicked and smoothed, now dressed in leather pants, golden belt complete with favors, short-sleeved red tunic with a black vest. Wandering through that maze wasn't so bad, during the day. After a long night's sleep. And a bath - luxurious bath.

((Yay, fun is here! Hope things are looking ok Nelle. Don't get too busy to forget all the fun stuff out there.))
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Date:July 7th, 2004 11:51 am (UTC)
As he moved through the halls, he was passed by servants moving in both directions, each one holding a little ball of light in their palm about the size of a golf ball, the only thing affording them light in this maze designed to trap such a thing far from the main room of the tavern.

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